Cynic's Corner

20 December 1982
I'm a university graduate, working at a publishing company as an Editorial Assistant.

My real name is Charlie Panayiotou (being Greek Cypriot) - a prize for anyone who can pronounce it right it first time.
I spend most of my time reading anything I can get my hands on and listening to all manner of great/depressing (delete according to musical tastes) music. Also a football fan (as much as I wish I wasn't sometimes). Spend far too much money on music (downloading? It's just not the same as buying it! Yes I am a mug) and manga. Always to be found reading something, I'd probably go mad without books.

Was for a time the resident geek amongst Imperial College's medical students, before realising the two were irreconcilable (as was not drinking tea, coffee or alcohol and being a prospective doctor) and deciding to be a non-Medic geek instead.

"Excuse me Miss, do you like pineapple?"

"I don't want to achieve immortality through my work, I want to achieve it through not dying"

"Treating patients is what makes most doctors miserable"